Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

We are happy to welcome you to our establishment.

The building which houses our guest house has survived the centuries in an area of the Pyrenees, Haut-Béarn, very attached to its heritage and its environment.

Since we took over the establishment in 2022, we have been keen to keep its history alive. We have therefore decided to engage in an eco-responsible approach in order to minimize the collective impact of our activity on the natural environment, promote social and economic responsibility, while offering a pleasant experience to our guests.

We rely on the requirements of the European Ecolabel concerning tourist accommodation which make it possible to build a global approach to environmental management and circular economy.

This approach to continuous improvement of our environmental impact is based on the following areas:

- Energy : water, gas, electricity,

- Waste ,

- Raising awareness among our guests about the common approach,

- The well-being of our guests with the use of local resources .

Each axis is characterized by different measurable criteria (lighting, sanitary equipment, energy consumption, consumables, effectiveness of our guest awareness policy, etc.). Our annual objectives are set based on these different criteria. By analyzing our actual performance, we will be able to react and adaptour actions for progress.

The beginning of 2024 is devoted mainly to finalizing the implementation of measurement means in order to aim for labeling . It will then be possible to bring these different dashboards to life and define realistic quantified objectives for 2025 and the coming years.

The final impact of this approach on the environment will be even greater if you join us in it through simple actions. To do this, we are committed to making your engagement as natural as possible.

We thank you for your support and your ideas for improvement (via a short questionnaire which is currently being developed).

Oloron Sainte-Marie, March 8, 2024