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The house is located on Place Saint-Pierre in the medieval district of Sainte-Croix in Oloron Sainte Marie. This privileged location allows access on foot (between 2 and 10 minutes) to numerous restaurants .

You will be able to satisfy all your desires and taste the delicious local and South-West specialties.
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We are at your disposal to guide you in your choices and guarantee the reservation.

Local products

We will be happy to accompany you in discovering GASTRONOMY IN THE PYRÉNÉES BÉARNAISES (products and specialties from Béarn).

To give you a first idea, we offer here some non-exhaustive examples of the wide range of our local products and the places where you can obtain them. Depending on your tastes, we will be keen to guide you as best as possible during your stay in our guest house.


Introduced by the Romans in Béarn at the gateway to the Aspe and Ossau valleys, the Jurançon vineyard, typical of the Pyrenees, today produces excellent dry and sweet white wines made famous by Henri IV. Wine lovers, you will be able to taste some wines in the many castles in the region ( https://www.vins-jurancon.fr/vigneron/22-domaine-coustarret , https://www.cavedejurancon.com/ ).

Vegetables, Fish, Meats

The garbure, an ancestral vegetable soup from the Pyrenees, made with love using tasty local products, will delight you in the restaurants marked ""Tables de la Garbure"". If you feel like it, in September you can participate in the Garburade, the World Garbure Championship.

The trout from our Gaves are very popular with the ever-increasing number of ""no kill"" fishermen. The gourmet dishes are supplied by the fish farms of the valleys.

The charcuterie, of which the Béarnais boudin is a fine example, the lamb meat and the Blonde d'Aquitaine, very characteristic of our region, will pleasantly surprise your taste buds.


Béarn is also synonymous with sheep's milk cheeses , in particular by the famous OSSAU-IRATY appellation. The transhumance towards the summer pastures is a highlight of the end of spring in Haut-Béarn with joyful festivals in many villages.

The cheese factories open their doors throughout the year, to introduce you to the flavors of local sheep's, goat's or cow's cheeses ( https://www.ferme-recebire.com/ , https://capricesdelescun .wordpress.com/ ).


Typically from Oloron, the ""Le Russe"" cake from Artigarède will delight your palate.

The same goes for chocolate, a traditional product from the South-West. Lindt understands this well and its factory store in Oloron Saint Marie is known as far away as Spain ( https://www.lindt.fr/magasins ).

The very preserved nature also offers a range of original honeys and jams of high quality.

In any case, do not hesitate to contact us to best guide your choices.

Local markets

We can direct you to one of the local markets in the region where, whatever the day of the week, you can enjoy local products:

  • Monday: Monein

  • Wednesday: Arette in Haut Béarn, Navarrenx in Béarn des Gaves

  • Thursday: Bedous in Haut Béarn ( artisans and local producers ) or Salies de Béarn in Béarn des Gaves

  • Friday: Oloron Sainte Marie at the Town Hall

  • Saturday: Oloron Sainte Marie at Ferme Borderouge, farmers' market

  • Sunday: Oloron Sainte Marie at the Cathedral, ethical market or Aramits

The list of all the markets in the Pyrenees Béarnaises is here