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26 Apr 24

Want to (re)discover Haut-Béarn in spring?


In the heart of the medieval district of Oloron Sainte-Marie, our guest house is the ideal base camp to peacefully enjoy the return of sunny days in Haut-Béarn.

Its valleys, its mountains, its Gaves, its heritage are at the door of our characterful rooms housed in an 18th century building: walks, hikes, gastronomy, visits, on foot, by bike, underground, on land, in the air, in water!

Don't hesitate to get started with our ""Spring Getaway"" offer!


PS: If you wish, during your stay, Marie-Pierre, a Mindfulness practitioner accredited by the Ecole de la Présence in Lyon, can help you discover the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation . Contact us if you are interested!


Maison d'hôtes l'Amphitryon - Initiation à la Méditation de Pleine Conscience

Maison d'hôtes l'Amphitryon - Initiation à la Méditation de Pleine Conscience

20 Nov 23

Discovery of Mindfulness Meditation


Note: activity only in French

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24 May 23

Our early summer 2023 favorites

Summer is fast approaching!

During your stay at the Amphitryon, you will be able to take advantage of our favorites concerning the activities organized in the surroundings for this beginning of summer 2023:

- Music to start at the Festival de Jazz des Rives et des Notes in Oloron Sainte Marie and at the Polynesian Afro-Caribbean Culture Festival of the Ossau Valley in IZESTE, Don't miss the FD20 Festival as part of grandiose lake of Artouste!

- Art with the Glass Arts Festival in Béarn des Gaves.

- Cycling: Béarn is very present during the Tour de France 2023. From our bed and breakfast in Oloron Sainte Marie, you can follow the route of the 5th stage Pau-Larunsaround Oloron, but also the arrival of the 4th in Nogaro and the start of the 6th stage in Tarbes.

- And always the discovery of the landscapes of the valleys of Aspe, Ossau and Barétous on foot or by bike!

Discover our other advice on the site: Our favorites , Local products , Prepare your visits , Béarn by bike

See you soon

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Maison d'hôtes l'Amphitryon - Les JEMA 2023 dans le Béarn

Maison d'hôtes l'Amphitryon - Les JEMA 2023 dans le Béarn

11 Mar 23

The European Days of Art Professions 2023

From March 27 to April 2 will take place in France and in Europe the European Days of Crafts 2023   to promote these artistic activities.

In the heart of the medieval district of Sainte Croix in Oloron Sainte Marie, on Saint Pierre square, our guest house is located in the immediate vicinity of the " Gallery of the Interior Garden " and the gallery " La Maison de Léa ". The latter is transformed on this occasion into an art bookbinding workshop.

For art lovers, a stay in one of ourguest rooms of character will allow you to easily visit the 12 galleries of Béarn among the 25 participants in this event. These are indeed located less than 45 minutes from Oloron Sainte Marie (Pau, Orthez, Coarraze, Moncayolle).

You can also take advantage of our favorites around us to discover the charm of the Béarnaise Pyrenees.

Book your stay here

See you soon.

Marie-Pierre and Gerard

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26 Feb 23

Novelties for Winter 2023

In order to continue to share with our guests, in the best possible conditions, the tranquility and serenity of the place, our guest house continues to evolve with the aim of keeping intact the soul of this 18th century building and always better to highlight the charm and the marked and typical character of each of our rooms

After the fair and the reception last year, the work focused on the bedrooms.

In the Aspe room, there is a lighter, sober, cheerful and warm atmosphere that allows you to take full advantage of the light provided by the large bay window overlooking the small garden and Saint Pierre square.

The minimalist decoration chosen amplifies the intimate "cocoon" side of the Heritage room and features its renovated fireplace (cement tiles and joints), its period floor and its stone walls. The small living room on the Tarbes balcony now offers a cozy and warm relaxation area.

The alcove of the Ossau room continues to give a romantic atmosphere accentuated by the refined side of the decoration. The rearrangement of the furniture opens the space towards the private terrace, like an extension of the room.

Optimal comfort is essential. Also, these changes in decoration are accompanied by a complete renovation of the showers. All the little touches made available to make the stay as comfortable as possible are of course retained (minibar, courtesy tray with tea, coffee, chocolates, auxiliary heating in the bathrooms, wifi, etc.) .

During your stay with us, you will live an ever more original and comfortable experience that will allow you to enjoy all the charms of our region of the Pyrenees Béarnaises.

Marie-Pierre and Gerard

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03 Nov 22

The ephemeral bistros of Place Saint Pierre: a successful 1st edition

In order to give back to Place Saint Pierre its cultural and convivial vocation, a collective made up of our guest house "l'Amphitryon" , the art gallery "La maison de Léa", the "Galerie du Jardin Intérieur" and food "Chez Gina" have created an original event on October 28 and 29, 2022 : "the ephemeral bistros of Place Saint Pierre". It was a first!

The reception room of our guest house "l'Amphitryon" has therefore been transformed for a weekend to host an exhibition, "Plénitude", by the sculptor Jean-Claude Udycz, who came especially from Paris. for the occasion ! Musicians, poets and storytellers took turns providing entertainment.

This 1st edition took place under "summery" temperatures» which allowed visitors to enjoy both the interiors of the different places and the terraces and sidewalks set up for the occasion ( https://youtu.be/94ep_4S7TIY and https://youtu.be/wbW-bx2I9Mk ).

In everyone's opinion, it was an undeniable success both for the visitors and for the actors (artists, musicians) and organizers.

Everyone is already enthusiastic for the next edition of the Bistrots Ephémères!

#maisond'hôtes #pyrénées #béarn #exposition #sculptures #musique
Maison d'hôtes l'Amphitryon - Les bistrots éphémères de la Place Saint Pierre - Oloron Sainte Marie

Maison d'hôtes l'Amphitryon - Les bistrots éphémères de la Place Saint Pierre - Oloron Sainte Marie

18 Oct 22

Pop-up bistros: the Amphitryon opens its doors on October 28 and 29, 2022

All visitors, friends, tourists who venture up to the medieval district of Sainte Croix in Oloron Sainte Marie agree that this place has charm and that it is an open-air cultural space.
With the desire to give it back its cultural and convivial vocation and to bring back the animation of yesteryear, a collective made up of the guest house "l'Amphitryon" , the art gallery "La maison de Léa" , the "Galerie du Jardin Interior" and the food "Chez Gina" are organized and staged in an original event on October 28 and 29, 2022: ""the ephemeral bistros of Place Saint Pierre"". It's a first !
Around the fixed exhibitions offered to the public, musicians, actors, poets will tour the various places in the square in order to create a festive dynamic. Counter games and various surprises will occur over the 2 days.
The ""Amphitryon"" guest house will therefore be transformed for the space of a weekend to host an exhibition by the sculptor Jean-Claude Udycz, who came especially from Paris for the occasion!In addition, between the passages of the troubadours, the piano in the living room will create a piano-bar atmosphere animated by the Music School of Oloron.
Rather frequented by tourists from almost the 4 corners of the world, the Amphitryon guest house will be able, thanks to this animation, to anchor itself in a more active way to the life of the district and thus open up to a more local public. .

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08 Oct 22


It's already been a year since we took over the reins of the Amphitryon, the guest house located in the medieval quarter of Oloron Sainte Marie in the Béarnaise Pyrenees.
To make every effort to offer our guests the most pleasant and comfortable experience, such was, and still is, our challenge! This experience is based on the intrinsic character of this 18th century house with its terraced garden and on the many attractions of the Béarnaise Pyrenees in the immediate vicinity.

In a serene atmosphere, the next step will be to offer our guests a time of initiation to an activity that will allow them to take a step back and fully enjoy the present moments.
A big thank you to the hosts who have already crossed our doorstep and to those who will cross it during their next visit to the Pyrenees!
We wish you an excellent and smooth autumn!
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